William Henry Chandler

We are collectors of William Chandler pastels. Once we bought our first two pieces, it’s now become a thrill-of-the-hunt, as we look to expand our collection of the wonderful works of this American artist.

This website has been created for four reasons:

  1. Build a resource of everything Chandler
  2. Create a Chandler catalogue of his works
  3. Create a community of Chandler collectors
  4. Help in acquiring Chandler works for collectors

Join our Community

20150626_165742We’d love for you to join our community, by clicking the FOLLOW button below, as we look to create a valuable resource for everyone wanting to know more about William Chandler, or for those wanting to collect this artist’s works.

Catalogue of Chandler Works

We are also taking on the mission to create a catalogue of the works of Chandler. We are hoping to include collections in museums and private collectors. If you would like to help us, please visit our CATALOGUE tab so we can add your pieces to this listing. Once we have collected lots of information, we’ll provide a free eBook version of the catalogue.



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